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272 pages
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About the Book

Terrorist attacks, hurricanes, pandemic, earthquakes, tornadoes, oil spills, floods and tsunami – Ed Minyard has responded to them all.

Over the past 10 years, Ed has been involved in almost every major crisis in and around North America – and one long-range mission to Japan. This book describes his adventures and presents a view that most have never seen – from inside the Heart of Chaos.

Read of Ed’s experiences with politicians, heroes, tragic victims and yes, the inevitable crooks that always seem to be there to exploit these events. Ed tells it like it was – no holds barred.

In the end, it’s the lessons from these terrible events that matter. Ed expresses those lessons with straight-talk, peppered with a bit of (sometimes dark) humor.

Above all else, this book will educate the reader in the subject of preparedness – but only if you take the lessons to heart. That part is up to you.